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Enjoy a Balanced Life by Transforming Your Inner-Self Using NLP Techniques

High Impact Thirty Minutes, Clarity & Strategy Call

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(NLP Practitioner &Transformation Coach)

Why I'm Eligible to be Your Coach...?

  • ITCA Certified, NLP Practitioner
  • 6+ years of Medicine Free Living
  • 12+ Years of Corporate Experience
  • 300+ Lives Impacted
  • 1200+ Hours of Coaching

High Impact Thirty Minutes, Clarity & Strategy Call

& While You're Compromising Your Health or Relationship or Money, Did You Ever Feel Like Being...

Stress & Anxiety

Due to the drive for Success, Demanding Work Schedules, Responsibilities, & High Expectations placed on them.

Fatigue / Burnout

Excessive workload, lack of rest and recovery, and prolonged stress can cause fatigue and burnout.


Unable to move forward or manage a situation or task due to being inundated with too many demands or responsibilities.


Feeling Unfulfilled & Putting off Important Tasks & Sabotaging Success due to Fear, Perfectionism, & Being Overwhelmed.

Fear of Failure, Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Stemming from a Desire to Keep Up with Others in a Competitive Environment, Avoid Disappointment, & Meet High Expectations,

Self-Doubt / Imposter Syndrome

Feeling inadequate & incompetent despite evidence to the contrary. Leading to Low Self-Esteem, & Self-Sabotage.

Lack of Inner Peace

Restlessness & Discontentment due to Inner Turmoil caused by a Lack of Alignment with One's Values, Goals, & Purpose.

Negative Emotions

Unpleasant Emotions & Feelings including Sadness, Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Frustration, Guilt, & Disappointment.

Lack of Clarity & Direction

Unclear Goals or Uncertainty about purpose can lead to a sense of directionless leading to confusion and indecisiveness.

Financial Stress

Struggling to Manage Money, Unexpected Expenses, Debts, Investments, Inadequate Income, & Uncertain Financial Future.


Striving for Flawlessness & Excessively High Standards, often at the Expense of Well-being & Satisfaction.

Time Management

Struggling to Manage the Time Effectively, Juggling Multiple Tasks, Prioritizing Responsibilities, & Avoiding Distractions.

I wonder, what you will do NOW to Achieve a Balanced Life if you're experiencing any of the above.

High Impact Thirty Minutes, Clarity & Strategy Call

So now I know, You Want to Accelerate Your Transformation & Growth

Here Are Some Success Story


Occupation: Business leader| Speaker | Author

Location: Oklahoma City, USA

Being a single Mother, I sometimes used to get overwhelmed with my personal & professional life. Rajorshee worked on my mindset and helped me to overcome the Limiting beliefs that were blocking my way to exploring my full potential. After using the techniques shown by him, I was able to attract the right set of customers for my financial as well as wearable Nutrition Business.

Tammy Goen

Occupation: Coach for High Sensitivity People

Location: Bend, Oregeon, USA

Appreciate the technique & assessment that focus on limiting beliefs and problem-solving to attract my ideal client & create my online course, & also all that you have done to get me going. I've been amazed at how much you know about such things. I do appreciate your availability, considering the time difference and I wonder if you get enough sleep.

Christopher Mclver

Rajorshee is a relentless motivator who is dedicated to getting the most out of his clients. He is always prepared to generate maximum efficiency for both himself and those whom he works with. Working with Rajorshee has booked my focus toward. Meeting my business goals in 2022 and beyond

Occupation - Veteran & underserved community financial specialist

Achieve Success Beyond Your Wildest Dreams within 90 Days

Empower your Inner-Self with the Life Changing Benefits of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to Experience Accelerated Transformation & Growth.

Peak Performance

Improved Communication

Enhanced Creativity

Better Decision Making

Overcoming Fears

Increased Resilience

Work Experience with Brands

Here's How to Transform Your Life by

Leveraging the Power of New Code NLP that offers a Content-Free Gamified Step-by-Step Process.

Unlike Traditional Coaching methods, the New Code NLP follows a Powerful and Flexible Approach that creates an alliance between unconscious and conscious Minds so the Body can experience an ever-lasting change.

By tapping into the connection between your neurological processes, language, and behavior, you'll be able

to achieve breakthroughs and transform your life in ways you never thought possible.

Our Personalised 1:1 Coaching & Mentoring Process

Context Setting

Content Free Coaching

Daily Accountability

Success Desired Outcome

Other Certification

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So If You're Ready To Break Free From The Challenges That Have Been Holding You Back, Let Us Help You Take The First Step Towards A Brighter Future.

High Impact Thirty Minutes, Clarity & Strategy Call

As an experienced coach, I'm dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and overcome any obstacles that's holding you back.

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